Tiles and Mosaic

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Designer Mosaics

Designer Mosaic Tiles are piece of arts or images. That tiles designed by stone or other material and you can buy any design with thousands of colors from us.

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Homogeneous Tiles

That tiles are manufactured using material such as Ceramic, Stone, Metal or some times Glasses and generally used for Covering Roof, Floors, Walls, Showers, or any other objects like tabletops... You can buy any style of Homogeneous Tile from us for your dream home.

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Satin Tiles

Satin tiles commonly used for covering floor and wall and a water absorption rate is law. You can by thousand of design for your dream home.

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Polished Porcelain

Polished porcelain tiles shine under lighting condition but not like mirrors. We have million of design and you can buy under best price with best quality.